Getting to Beaver Creek

How to get to Beaver Creek

Nestled within the central Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Beaver Creek is the ideal skiing destination during the winter and a hiking destination during the summer. Between two airports, Denver International and Vail-Eagle, getting to Beaver Creek is relatively easy. 

plane landing in the mountains

Flying to Beaver Creek

Eagle County Regional Airport is just 30 miles west of Beaver Creek, making it the closest airport to Beaver Creek. Fourteen cities have nonstop flights to EGE during the winter. In other seasons, you'll have to connect through Denver International. 


Denver International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in the region. This airport is 120 miles east of Beaver Creek, requiring ground transportation to take you the rest of the way there. 

driving through the mountains -Beaver Creek

Driving to Beaver Creek

 Beaver Creek is easily accessible via scenic I-70, offering a straightforward drive from various parts of the United States. However, travelers approaching from the eastern side will encounter Vail Pass, a renowned mountain pass standing at an elevation of 10,662 feet over the Continental Divide. It's important to note that during winter months, 4-wheel drive vehicles are mandatory for safe passage over Vail Pass.