Ajijaak on Turtle Island

Amy Grant at the Vilar in Beaver Creek this summer
Apr 20 2023 - 10:00am


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Ajijaak on Turtle Island tells the story of Ajijaak, a young whooping crane. Separated from her family in a Tar Sands fire caused by the monstrous Mishibizhiw. Ajijaak must make her first migration from Wood Buffalo, Canada, down to the Gulf Coast on her own, finding her voice and a family through the interconnectedness of all of creation. A reflection on life’s energy and how it connects all aspects of our world, Ajijaak on Turtle Island brings communities together through puppetry, music, traditional dances, animations and kites. Ajijaak’s story puts forward visions from Indigenous communities, celebrating the symbiotic relationship between cranes and Native American/Indigenous peoples and inspiring the next generation of storytellers, change-makers and eco-champions.


Learn more at: www.ajijaak.com


Suggested Age Range: 1st Grade and Up



ADULT | $15

CHILD | $12


This performance has 2 showtimes 10AM and 12:30PM: